versioX X500

Multifunction hinge

The versioX X500 is a heavy and very versatile multi-joint hinge with an outstanding load capacity and kinematics as well as 3D setting options.

Areas of application

  • Shipbuilding and yacht construction, gate construction, glass construction, steel construction
  • Heavy flaps and doors in interior work
  • Civil engineering, building construction, tower construction
  • Housing construction, soundproof booths
  • Heavy machinery and equipment construction
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Vehicle construction and construction machinery, rail vehicles


Opening angle: –3° bis +95°
Setting angle: horizontal ± 10mm vertical ± 10mm


  • Aluminium, blasted & anodized
  • Steel, galvanized
  • Stainless steel, microblasted

Technical data

Max. Panel thickness: 25mm

Installation dimensions:
86 x 211 x 211mm


Capacity*: 400kg

Weight: 5,11kg


Capacity*: 600kg

Weight: 13,14kg

Stainless steel

Capacity*: 600kg

Weight: 13,37kg

Custom tariff number: 83021000

*referring to the weight at the pivot point of the hinge

Construction data and Assembly instruction

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