The Power Hinge

versioX offers an incomparable load capacity with maximum flexibility and longevity.

Hinges for heavy duty requirements and
strikingly unobtrusive special installations.

Museums and Shops

Showcases and display cabinets spotlight cultural goods and merchandise. The diverse, large and small furniture made of glass, wood and metal provide the framework for this. The maintenance-free and tamper-proof versioX hinges ensure safe, long-lasting and simple use.

Heavy Duty Doors

A door has a clear function. It allows access or closes it. But in any case, a door, no matter how big or heavy, should be safe, simply function – permanently and reliably. The versioX heavy-duty hinges guarantee a high load-bearing capacity with the greatest possible variability.

Facades and Windows

Modern façades, large-format windows and diverse design forms are now part of everyday life and often fulfil additional functions. The large load-bearing capacity and a variable open/stop function of the versioX hinges considerably expand the design and creative scope.

Special Installations

As the name suggests, it’s all about something special. Regardless of whether it’s a unique design, a desired additional function or a special place of use. versioX multifunctional hinges are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials, making them the solution in special construction.


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