The Power Hinge

versioX combines load capacity, precision and design –
the intelligent solution for your requirement

Made in Germany


3D heavy-duty hinges are the result of decades of experience, developed for modern applications.

Well-engineered technology enables easy installation with the highest load capacity.

Cost savings through low installation and maintenance costs. Technology & product design –

Made in Germany!

Maintenance free

Precision for a lifetime – due to the construction and the materials used, the versioX hinge is maintenance-free.

Extremely resilient

Whether wood, glass, steel or stone – the versioX hinges are characterized by a load capacity of up to 600 kg.


A flat finish or a flat surface are often necessary for a successful construction and unusual design – the unique design of the versioX hinges enables this to be implemented.


Open is not always open – with the versioX hinge, an opening angle of -3 ° to + 115 ° is possible, but the opening can also be limited.


Further development out of interest in improvement – the daily installation of fittings led us to the development of the versioX hinges and is our engine for constant further developments.

Tried and tested

Tested under extreme conditions – the versioX hinges have been tested in a wide variety of applications as well as in the laboratory and have proven their properties.

Application areas

Heavy doors and flaps

Heavy duty is our business! Doors and flaps made of stone, metal, glass or wood are easily possible with the versioX hinges.

Creativally challenging projects

The excellent workmanship and the clear design of the versioX hinges enable demanding projects in terms of design, construction and daily use.

Projects with a high level of maintenance freedom

From our experience in building very demanding public and private projects, we know that hinges have to work reliably and easily. This claim was and is the guiding principle for the construction and constant further development of this special 3D scissor hinge.


We are at your disposal at any time if you have any questions about our products.