Multifunction hinges for facade construction

Do you clad a facade and need a maintenance hatch?

Or what are you working on right now?

When planning and constructing facades, design requirements and functionality must form a unit. In practice, this means that an attractive appearance of the building envelope in combination with the necessary technical and energetic requirements as well as the guarantee of perfect user-friendliness ultimately determine the overall success of such a project.


On the one hand, there is, for example, the nature of the surface, the integration of windows or special add-on parts such as maintenance hatches. On the other hand, the comfort of the user including energy and ventilation efficiency, room climate and noise emissions.


versioX hinges are the perfect solution for a wide variety of facade elements. They guarantee the combination of design, functionality, reliability and quality. They are ideal for the extremely exceptionally heavy glass and metal doors as well as windows. Windows and doors in particular with high thermal insulation values are generally heavier and therefore need stable, high-quality hinges. Thanks to its three-dimensional adjustability, versioX is also the right link for every type of movable special construction that needs an extremely load-bearing, wide-opening heavy-duty connection, as well as for heavy-weight folding mechanisms.

Our experience in the construction of demanding public and private projects has shown that hinges are only practical if they work reliably and simply. As the Sehner company, we have been dealing with glass solutions since 1978 and we have faced the same problem over and over again in the past. There was simply no long-term stable and intelligently thought-out hinge solution on the market for extremely heavy glass and metal doors, special hinged structures and other heavy-weight folding mechanisms. That is why, with the help of our experts, based on our decades of practical experience, we have developed the new and really well thought-out versioX Power hinge. Since then, our new development has proven itself in countless projects and it is no longer possible to imagine the market without it. We are rightly very proud of our technically superior heavy-duty connection.


The sophisticated design enables easy installation, uncomplicated daily use and low maintenance. Only standard-compliant, long-lasting materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel are used, which are particularly suitable for outdoor applications, as they are corrosion-resistant on the one hand and weather-resistant on the other.


versioX – the power pack


versioX is a power hinge, a power pack in the truest sense of the word: whether wood, glass, steel or stone – with a load capacity of up to 600 kg (with static counter bearing), the versioX hinges are extremely resilient.


But practically nothing of these powerhouses can be seen. The unique design of the versioX hinges enables a clear finish or a flat surface without compromising comfort and functionality for our customers. This is absolutely necessary for a successful construction. Thanks to the absolute invisibility of our hinges, nothing stands in the way of an unusual design of your facade.


This hinge solution is not only impressive as a master of “heavy-duty” tasks and because of its invisibility. It is also particularly customizable. So that all facade elements are easy to operate, the versioX hinge allows an opening angle of -3 ° to + 115 ° and the opening can also be limited.

The excellent workmanship and the clear design of the versioX hinges therefore enable demanding projects in terms of design, construction and daily use and are without a doubt decisive for an aesthetic and functional solution for modern facade construction.


Another decisive advantage of our versioX hinges is their low installation and maintenance costs. Our hinges are practically maintenance-free and have an above-average service life. By using the latest intelligent technology, we achieve the highest level of efficiency and cost minimization. Both the technology and the product design, everything is manufactured in Germany in order to guarantee the highest possible quality for our customers.


To ensure that designers, facade builders and end users are satisfied, the versioX hinges are also tested under extreme conditions – both in a wide variety of applications and in the laboratory. – and manufactured The manufacture takes place in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 201.


versioX – load capacity, precision and design made in Germany.

The features at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • 3-dimensional adjustability
  • Load capacity up to 600 kg
  • 100% opening
  • Unique design
  • Tamper-proof
  • Variable open / stop function

In order to meet the diverse requirements, the versioX hinges are available in several sizes and designs. The distinction lies in the load-bearing capacity and the adjustment options.


Whether X100F, X100E, X100, X300 or X500 – there is a suitable hinge for every project – regardless of whether it involves special installations, mitre stops, opening systems, large panes, flaps, heavy glass doors, security doors, scissor hinges, large panel sizes, secret doors, advertising panels, light walls, facing walls, exhibition showcases, museum architecture or simply holding very heavy loads.


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