The Power Hinge
Technically superior, Extremely sustainable, Multifunctional use

versioX hingee
  • Special installations
  • Mitre fences
  • Facade solutions
  • Opening systems
  • large panes
  • heavy glass
  • heavy glass doors
  • Safety doors
  • Scissor hinges
  • large panel sizes
  • for carrying very heavy loads
  • Hidden doors
  • Advertising panels
  • Walls
  • Showcases
  • Museum architecture
  • Museum displays and much more
versioX Sehner

A technically superior
heavy-load connection!

Being a strongly innovative, medium-sized entrepreneur, the company Sehner GmbH has been involved with the optimisation of market-used hinges for a long time and has now developed the incomparable Power Hinge VERSIOX. Sehner GmbH has provided glass solutions since 1978 and repeatedly encountered the problem in the past that there are hardly any sustainable and properly developed hinge solutions on the market for extremely heavy glass and metal doors, special hinged structures or other heavy-load folding mechanisms.

Therefore, our experts have developed the new, smart VERSIOX Power Hinge. VERSIOX is the new problem solution for the hardest heavy duty tasks: it can hold up to 600 kg (with static counter-bearers) and has 3-dimensional setting options. Technically superior and extremely sustainable. Ideal for all adjustable special structures that require a widely opening heavy-load connection and can hold extreme loads.


3D heavy-load hinges are the result of years of experience, developed for modern applications. The extremely well developed hinge enables easy installation for the heaviest of loads. Cost-savings thanks to smart techniques, easy installation and low maintenance effort. Technology & Product Design - Made in Germany.

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